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Transparent Planter

Transparent self-watering Planter, Clear Plastic Automatic-Watering Planter Flower Pot Square-Plant-Pot for All Plants, Succulents, Herb, African Violets, Flowers

  • PP resin material

Self-watering planter pot made of the national standard PP resin materials, our delicate self watering plant pot boasted a simple. Our design is very suitable to hold all kind of plants, herbs, and succulents and it is also Perfect for decorating small nooks, counters, bookshelves, window sills, office table and desktops.

The double-layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this rope planter and provided its plant as needed. You could fill the water storage base with water once a month or more and it will make your plant grows healthy. It is especially suitable for plant lovers who don’t have much time to take care of their plants.

The most advantages of this pot is that its self watering design ensures the plants take enough water they need for days, and you do not have the water frequently. This clever auto irrigation planter can help you take care of your plans when you go out a couple of days or on business.

Please note that watering the plant can not exceed the inner basket and the water level inside the flower pot is 0.4in, otherwise it will cause the plant to die of flooding.

Transparent automatic watering flower pot, can be used with minigarden growled

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