TL101 10W Track Top Grow Lights House Plant Light Grow Light for Highland Indoor Tree

● INCL. LED full spectrum grow light that promoting both plant growth and flowering.

● Narrow Beam Angle for Plants, Trees and Living Walls

● Highland LED Plant Lighting Track System, adjustable light direction.

● Surface mounting, easy installation and DIY quantity set

● Slim and premium design make it decorative and not affect your home beauty.


Product Detail

J&C 10W Track Top Grow Lights House Plant Light Grow Light for Highland Indoor Tree.

It is professional Top Grow Lights for house plants indoor. House plants usually is big and heavy indoor that not easy to move backyard for sunlight. Our plant light solved this problem and

Bring sunlight for plants. There is no need to move those big and heavy plants outside. It is full spectrum grow lights that simulates the sunlight, promoting indoor trees, house plant, wall plants etc., growing.

The full spectrum led plant light is mounted in highland that can be suitable for high plants, meanwhile not affect the beauty of plant corner.

The stylish grow lights can be used for grow light shelving. The light beam angle is narrow and can be strongly focused on the plants that need for sunlight. Its head is 180°adjustable, which ensures right lighting direction for plants.

Product Name:Block Track Light Set WhiteLamp Size:1075*208*40mm
Lumen:2100lmColor temperature:4000K
PPFD5cm:  umol/m2s10cm:  umol/m2s20cm:  umol/m2sPeak WavelengthBlue:450nmRed: 650nm
Ra>80Power Supply:AC100-240V
Usage AreaDinning Room, Living RoomCertificate:Under application
China grow lights for plants

Plant Corner

Top Grow Lights supplier
Top Grow Lights factory

To keep your house plants healthy

The light is high PPFD with each head 10W. It offers enough amount of light for plants growing. It is designed with full spectrum light, which is 450nm peak wavelength for blue light and 630nm for red light.
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China grow lights for plants
Top lighting

Top lighting

For house plants and plants wall and so on . It will not affect the plant beauty. Large plants no longer limited backyard
Area plant lighting

Area plant lighting

Used by interior plants capers and biophilia design. Protect your plants corner landscape and keep it healthy growing
DIY assembly

DIY assembly

2-6pcs DIY options for you, based on different plants occasion
Easy installation

Easy installation

Surface mounting,Easy and flexible installation
Adjustable direction

Adjustable direction

Light panel rotatable 180°, supplement sunlight from different direction. Easy to coordinate the angle that best for your plants
various plants available

various plants available

Fit for different size, different kinds plants. From all aspects to promote your plants growingand keep the shape
Highland House Plant Grow Light

Highland House Plant Grow Light


for house plants and plants wall. Large plants or wall plants no longer limited backyard

No need move your them outside for sunlight. More convenient and saving your energy.


High Performance Full Spectrum Smart Grow Light

Perfect amount of light thanks to efficient 10 watts per light with high PPFD.It can make sure plants get strong enough light and keep healthy even without sunlight. Low PPFD light will cause unhealthy growth


Top grow lights with quantity self-setting

Match with different size plants corner, the adjustable light head could supplement sunlight from different direction and all aspects promote your plants photosynthesis.