TG302 full spectrum led light small plant lamps for growing plants

● The Plant Lamps Designed By Professional Designer With Golf Pattern Most Suit for Sports Enthusiast.

● The Small Plant Lights is Not only Can be Insert into Soil Directly Stand Firmly, But Also Clip in The Edge of Kits.

● Change Angle/ Change Installation model makes house plant grow light with Multiple functions


Product Detail

This led grow lights is called pot light. It can match with various pots, from small pot like this 4 inch pot, and when you click on our pot light, and even when the pot is empty, and this pot will not fall down. And when it clicks onto big pot with crimping, stylish grow lights can also perfectly match. There is a pointer on the end, this is the second way to use. You could just plug it into the soil, if you don’t want to click onto the pot.

The small plant lights also have the funcation: height adjust, Lamp body detachable, full spectrum, rangle changable, wire controller available.

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Product NameTG302Lamp size12.2 * 6.4*4.5inches
Lumen300lmColor temperature3300k
PPFD3.9inches: 190 umol/m2s

7.9inches: 50 umol/m2s

11.8inches: 25 umol/m2s

Peak Wavelength Blue:450nmRed: 650nm
Ra>80Power supply5V
Usage AreaSeed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, OtherCertificatece, EMC, LVD, RoHS, Reach
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DIY Usage

Apply plant lamps in Everywhere.

Because of the design of the heat lamp for indoor plants, the pot light also named planter mate. It can accompany all kinds of pots: the pots put on the table/ be hung on the wall, and can lighting for all kind of house plants.
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No Stroboscopic

No Stroboscopic

Eyes protect, will not do harm to eyesight.
Angle Regulable

Angle Regulable

Lighting for big plants with small light.
Brightness Dimmable

Brightness Dimmable

Design for sun-lover and shade lover plants.
Wire Switch

Wire Switch

Choose different model by yourself
Diversified Usage

Diversified Usage

2 in 1 usage, clip and insert all suit
Height Changeable

Height Changeable

Height can be adjust from 310mm-750mm.
Product Selling Points

Product Selling Points


Time/ Brightness Dimmable

This version of pot light has a special switch, it can control the Lighting time and the brightness of light. For lighting time: if the plants are sun lover, you can choose 16h on/ 8h off. The flowers most like the middle model, 12h on/ 12h off. And if the plants are shade lover, you can choose 8h on/ 16h off.


Applied in Different Pots

The LED grow lights for flowering can be applied in all kinds of pots, for the normal kits, you can insert it into the soil or caught in the edge and for the pots with irregular shape, you can also clamp the lamp on the edge of the flowerpot.


Space saved

The light can change the lighting angle, so it means, you do not need to move the light but still can light for many pot, just need to change the angle of the light panel. And the whole light is small, it will not occupy too much space.



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