TG102 24W Multi-Usages Grow Lights for Seed Starting Best Grow Lights for Seedlings

· Multi-usages: Standing, Surface Mounting, Hanging

· Seed Starting Grow Lights: Excel in seedling starting

· 24W LED Full Spectrum: High efficient PPFD output for plants growing

· Height Adjustable: Suitable for all plant growing stages


Product Detail

Indoor seedling box grow light is a solution to avoid changes in the external environment. When the weather is bad, people tend to grow seedlings indoors and then move the raised seedlings outdoors when the weather becomes warm.

When growing seedlings indoors, the light will be a key issue. We hope to provide customers with a satisfactory product in this case, which can be used in multiple indoor scenarios.

The design concept of this TG102 seedling grow light is that it can be placed on the desktop or the ground in a standing position, it can also be used for shelf installation, and it can also be placed under the roof in a suspended manner.

Its wattage is 24W, and the light is sufficient for the seedling box, and it uses a plane with a relatively large light-emitting surface, which can allow multiple seedling boxes to receive light evenly

Product NameTG102 Seedling Grow LightLamp size540mm(21.26inch)*300mm(11.81inch)*225-617.5mm(8.86-24.31 inch)
Wattage24wMaterialAlumium + PC
Lumen1100lmColor temperature4000K
PPF21 umol/sPAR 
PPFD10cm: 250 umoil*m-2*s-120cm: 120 umoil*m-2*s-130cm: 70 umoil*m-2*s-1Peak Wavelength Blue:450nmRed: 650nm
Ra>80Power supplyAC 100-220V( ± 10%)
Usage AreaSeed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, OtherCertificateCE/EMC/LVD/ETLBSCI ISO9001
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Grow Seedlings

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Excellent Choice for Seedling

The requirement for light in the nursery stage is relatively high, so choosing the right one for seedling growers is a critical step; TG102 is designed for the nursery stage, with 24W full spectrum, uniform large light-emitting surface, to help seedlings thrive
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Recommended Usages

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Ultra Slim Body

Ultra Slim Body

Ultra-thin shell design, only see the light but not the fixture
Large Light-emitting Surface

Large Light-emitting Surface

5 Steps Dimmable

5 Steps Dimmable

Different Light Strength Adaptable for customers
24W LED Full Spectrum

24W LED Full Spectrum

High Efficient PPFD for plants growing
4 Timer Modes

4 Timer Modes

Choose the light on/off time as you like
Three Ways of Installation

Three Ways of Installation

Standing, Surface Mounting, Suspending



Large Growing Area

Suitable for small and big plants, wide light-emitting surface for multiple pots underneath


Intelligent Growing Control

Let you control different timer modes and light strength for different plants


Multiple Growing Solutions Available

You could use TG102 ①when there are large plants that want to be illuminated from the top, ②when you want to illuminate the different growth stages of the plants, ③when you want to used for shelf planting



If you have questions about how to grow plants with light, you could also check with our sales team.