TG006 Mini Desktop Planter With House Plant Light For Indoor Sunlight Plants In Winter

·Unique cloud shape design: Mini Plant Light is like sunlight to help plants grow better and faster. They are not only plant lights, but also bright decorations for your home space.

·House Plant Light Dimming- For more possibilities, we YUNNOVA LED grow light provides 5 dimmable levels from 20% to 100% brightness, you can choose your needed brightness according to your needs. bright or not is all by your choice.


Product Detail

J&C soft cloud Design get inspiration from cloud. Refine the function of the cloud. J&C cloud shape grow light is not only a plant light but also a stylish decoration for any indoor space.
This J&C House Plant Light built in Automatic Timer, Brightness dimming,On/Off Switch: Desktop Plant Light operates from a built-in timer with 3 modes timing function which stays on for 16/12/8 hour and off for 8/12/16 hours and will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants while you are at work or on vacation, easy & convenient!

Product Name:TG006Lamp Size:4.3*9.2 inches
Lumen:2351lmColor temperature:3500K
PPF:0.6 umol/sPAR
PPFD2 inches: 200 umol/m2s
3.9 inches: 100 umol/m2s
7.9 inches: 30 umol/m2s
Peak Wavelength Blue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra>85Power Supply:Adapter or AC230V
Usage AreaKitchen, Living RoomCertificateCE/RoHS/REACH


Tip design

Planter Mate for Plants.

Ever worried about your hanging plants lack of sunlight? Or ever want to grow something but without an outlet nearby in a small condo? J&C cloud shape height adjustable plant grow light is your solution, help you grow indoors.
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Houseplant Grow Light supplier


Desktop Plant Light supplier
 Plant Promoter

Plant Promoter

Designed for plant growth;
Tip design

Tip design

Insert into soil, easy to use;
Brightness dimming

Brightness dimming

5 level brightness dimming from 20%- 100%
Built-in timer

Built-in timer

With 4 modes timing function, the timer will work as soon as you plug in this product.
Flexible light pole

Flexible light pole

Designed for plants of different heights
Secure USB interface

Secure USB interface

Can be used together with power bank anywhere and everywhere.



Play the role of Planter Mate

This is a small and lightweight Planter Mate Grow light which will not occupy to much space.does not require a lot of space. It provides suitable light for plants without being eye-catching, and is very suitable for home use.


Brightness Dimming

Brighter mini grow light with 5 Dimmable Levels& 4 mode timer-J&C Mini Plant Light have 5 brightness settings to meet the light requirements (brightness & light time) of each plant at different stages of its life,which used for a variety of bonsai and indoor garden plants


Telescopic Pole

J&C Houseplant Grow Light are equipped with a retractable support pole that can be inserted directly into the potted plant so you can use it anywhere And our telescopic poles are removable for easier storage and DIY-ability.The telescopic pole is made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rusting.