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LED Multifunctional Sterilizer Box with Wireless Charging

  • Killing 99% Bacterial
  • With wireless charging
  • Suitable for masks, glasses, keys, watch, headset, lipstick
  • mobile phone etc.

UVC-LED disinfection
1.After connecting the device to the power supply, open the cover of the sterilization box, put the mobile phone or other items into the box, and close the lid.
2.Press the button, the red indicator light is on, and the sterilization operation starts. This process lasts 15 minutes.
3.If the cover is opened during the sterilization process, the sterilization will automatically stop to ensure that it does not cause any hurt to the human body. When the cover is closed, you need to press the power button again to start the sterilization.
4.The entire disinfection operation lasts 15 minutes. After the sterilization is finished, the red indicator light will go out automatically. Then you can open the box to take out the mobile phone or other items.
5.During the sterilization process, if you want to stop it, please long press the button for 3 seconds, the red indicator light will go out, then you can open the box to take out the mobile phone or other items.

Item No.: LED-SBC-001WX

Input: 5V 2A/9V 2A

Output power: ≤15W

Sterilization power: ≤20mW

Disinfection method: UVC-LED

Dimension: 189.5*105*38mm

Length 189.5mm

Width 105mm

Height 38mm

20GP Qty 22290PCS

40HQ Qty 54120PCS