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Self watering planter2-

4.92 inch/3inch Self-WateringPlanter . Modern Decorative Planter Pot for Indoor Plants Flowers, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents

  • Excellent water storage capacity
  • Eco friendly PP material
  • Visual water level window
  • Minimal design
  • Perfect planter for GrowLED indoor

Wanna grow some plants but worry about no time to take care of them? Especialy for watering your baby plants, you may forget it due to your busy schedule. With GrowLED self-watering planter, you can plant what you like from spring to winter. Once placed in our planters, your green pals can take care of themselves perfectly.

Glossy self-watering planter is perfect for anywhere indoors and outdoors. With its practical and stylish design, it will be easily to decorate the kitchen or elegant and modern living room and become a new landscape in your apartment.

Modern living space is not a choice but a lifestyle, let’s go do table planting to turn your own home into a small, personal paradise in a just a few steps with a few selected planters. Discover the magic of planting.

Supply Your Baby Plants Water Automatically From The Reservior

As the intergrated water reservoir is gonna supply the plants with the right amount of water for optiomal growth automatically. The water level indicator takes the guesswork out of watering. without a green thumb or expert knowledge, you can also DIY a beautiful indoor garden without extra effort. It’s time to do indoor gardening!

Medium size, sleek, slender. Glossy self-watering planters blend into existing arrangements perfectly as decorative elements. Balcony, window, desk, and other places indoors or outdoors, just place it anywhere you want. No apartment should be without greens. With tihs planter, you will finally have time for yourself, your family, and friends as these planters will help you plants thrive indoors and outdoors from spring to winter, without any extra effort. It’s time for the watering can to take a break and relax on our sofa or anywhere you wanna go.

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