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Portable UVC Lamp

Portable UVC lamp, suitable for home/hotel/school/office/car etc.

  • Killing 99% Bacterial
  • With intelligent radar protection
  • Rechargeable

This product adopts ozone-free u-tube quartz ultraviolet lamp, which is mainly used in home, office, car and other places. Ozone free is healthier and radar protection is safer.

  1. Places where bacterias are abundant, such as the kitchen, rest room.

  2. Clothes, towels, bedding cover and other direct contact with the human body, if the long-term do not wear and insolate, it’s easy for bacteria to grow and cause infection. Through untraviolet lamp to sterilize and disinfect, it can effectively prevent germs to infect.

  3. The virus is easy to spread and prevalent in public places such as living room, meeting room. If the air is sterilized by ultraviolet light in such environment, it can prevent the spread of the respiratory disease.

  4. Ward, operating room, medical service vehicle and other places requiring higher environmental index.

  5. The skin of newborn babies is very tender and is easily infected by harmful bacteria. Therefore, this product is especially suitable for the sterilization of infant appliances, the clothes and babies room.


Item No.: JCUVC001

Charging input:5V/1000mA

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Working current: 5V/800mA

Tube power: 3W

UV wavelength: 235.7nm (uv-c)

UV light intensity: >2350mW/cm2

Tube life: 8000 hours

Radar range: 3-8m

Range of use: 5-15 square meters

Case: ABS+Glass sleeve

length 65mm

Width 65mm

Height 230mm

20GP Qty 18160PCS

40HQ Qty 44100PCS