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Self watering planter2-

J&C 3.5 inch Plastic Plant Pot with Drainage,Indoor Gardening Planter,Flower Pots Modern Decorative Pot for Indoor Plants,Flowers,Herbs,Succulents,Foliage Plants White,Pack of 4.

  • Drainage hole design
  • Eco friendly PP material
  • Trays offered

Give Your Space a Beautiful Planter

Bring minimalist visuals and interest to your garden using this modern planter.Made to appear as if it were made from ceramic,it features stylish design with drainage,efficiently help plants breathe better.Lightweight and durable,it’s perfect for planting an indoor or outdoor plant.What’s more,it’s also a great decoration for your indoor space.

Small Planters Bring Large Enjoyment

J&C handy,glossy self-watering planter is perfect for anywhere indoors and outdoors.With its practical and stylish design,it will be easily to decorate the kitchen or elegant and modern living room and become a new landscape in your apartment.

Modern living space is not a choice but a lifestyle,let’s go do table planting to turn your own home into a small,personal paradise in a just a few steps with a few selected planters.Discover the magic of planting.


Supply Your Baby Plants Water With Special Drainage Design

These classic planters were our first imitation ceramic pots for plants.And they really are revolutionary because somewhere along the way the concept that a pot actually need to drain water got lost.

These pot were designed with the common sense that are several holes in the bottom so the plant dosen’t die.And thanks to its PP environment friendly material, you don’t need ti worry it will be fragile.Yam.Fern,Pea Green and Goldenrod also add a great accent to any room.Use the white planter in the bathroom to create a serene oasis or the planters for a vivid pop of color in your kitchen with your favorite herbs.As we always say pick your colors to suit your moods,to beautify your indoor or outdoor garden.

Compact size,sleek,slender,J&C glossy planter with drainage blend into existing arrangements perfectly as decorative elements.Balcony,window,des,and other places indoors or outdoors.Just place it anywhere you want.No apartment should be without greens.With this planter,you will finally have time for yourself,you family,and friends as these planters will help you plants thrive indoors and outdoors from spring to winter,to make your space get closer to nature.

What’s Included

  • 1×3.5 Inch Pot
  • 1×Tray
  • 1×Manual

Product Type


Garden Size


Material Finish



Square:φ9.0X8.1 CM


Circle:φ10.7X19.3 CM

Cpu:  φ11.2X14.2 CM

20GP Qty





40HQ Qty





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