PL101 grow light smart garden wall grow kits home grow family gardening

● Two in One, it is both use for grow light and wall light.

● This auto grow plant lights for indoor plants are very easy to install and it does not occupy indoor space, auto grow.

● Full Spectrum indoor garden grow light with adjustable angle offering adequate PPFD for growing plants from different angle.

● Foldable Product outlook which blends perfectly with the wall. Unlike other grow lights which project the light straight out, this wall indoor plants light casts light at an angle so that it can illuminate indoor plants without glare.

● This wall plant led interior light kits fits all kinds of indoor plants, such as succulent plants、vegetables、herbs, etc.


Product Detail

Pin-up Plant grow light is foldable design, with 180-degree rotation angle adjustment; 2 in 1 use, which can be used as both a plant grow lamp in small gardens and a wall lamp. The power is up to 9 Watt. It is with built-in smart timer provides 16 hours on and 8 hours off timer to make sure plants get enough time to do photosynthesis to grow stronger and faster. Full spectrum like sun light to promote plants growth as smart indoor garden, which is designed for mini indoor garden, suitable for any plants at all growth stage.

It would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 20-30cm.

Red Wavelength:

Product Name:PL101Lamp Size:63*29*26CM
Lumen:630lmColor temperature:3500K
Beam angle:120PAR
PPFD5cm:  umol/m2s10cm:  umol/m2s20cm:  umol/m2sPeak WavelengthBlue:450nmRed: 650nm
Ra>80Power Supply:AC230V
Usage AreaBedroom, Living RoomCertificate:
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Two in One use

Suitable for both wall plant grow lighting and wall lamp use.
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Two in One Use

Two in One Use

It can be both used as a plant grow lamp on the wall for indoor grow or as a wall lamp.
High power

High power

Power is up to 9 Watt,Provides high PPFD that effectively promotes chlorophyll and photosynthesis.
Angle Adjustable

Angle Adjustable

Growing kits with180 Degree angle adjustable, it allows you to place the growth light in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants
Area plant Lighting

Area plant Lighting

The best grow lights will support your indoor garden to achieve maximum growth for small area.
Simple to operate

Simple to operate

Mount on the wall, easy to use it.
Unique Foldable Design

Unique Foldable Design

Compact package, low shipping freight.
The Best lighting for Your Indoor Plants

The Best lighting for Your Indoor Plants


1.Two in One use

This growing kits can be both used as wall lamp or plant lamp,

It meets each plant’s lighting requirements at different stages.


2.Adjustable lighting angle

The lamp head can be rotated 180°, and the most suitable lighting angle can be adjusted.

Change angle at will, it provides area plant grow lighting to take good care of your indoor plants as mini indoor garden


3.Foldable unique design

Foldable, compact package for easy storage and low freight cost.