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Wonderful solutions to slove the six common troubles while using indoor hydroponic garden.

Normally, growing is not a simple matter, especially for a beginner.

Under the assistance of the indoor garden light, it will be easier. Lets see which situations you may meet in seedling stage


① Seed lodging and overgrowth

 plant light

Reason: The seeds are sown too much, and the seeds are squeezed out of small holes due to germination, which leads to lodging and lengthening.

Solution: Sow three seeds for leafy vegetables and two seeds for fruits, and sow them in small holes.

Current solution: clear the leggy, lodging seedlings, leaving short, stout seedlings. If not, rebroadcast.


② Seeds grow small holes

home garden

Reason: The seeds are not firmly rooted.


Solution: Sow in the deepest part of the hole when sowing, avoid sowing in the hole or shallower place.

Current solution: Use special tweezers to carefully put the roots of the seedlings back into the small holes, and cover the seedling cover.


③ Sudden death of seeds after emergence

mini garden 

Reason: High humidity and high temperature. Individual plant differences (plants themselves are intolerant to resistance).

Solution: Replace the substrate and reseed. (Or clip the dead stubble, and then re-sown)


④ The seeds wilt after emergence

sunlight for plants

Reason: The nursery cover is not covered properly, or the nursery cover is removed too early. Seedlings wilt due to air circulation and rapid water evaporation. There are individual differences in plants.

Solution: Do not remove the nursery cover too early. Cover the nursery cover.

Current solution:  Cover the nursery cover


Degree to which the nursery cover can be removed: two cotyledons spread and the plant is strong

 diy hydroponic system


⑤ The seedling appears macular, incomplete, nd poor grow

herb kitchen

Reason: The seed itself has a problem. The seeds were accidentally damaged after emergence. The general reason is the former.

Solution: Observe whether the seeds are in good condition when sowing, and give priority to seeds that are healthy and not empty.

           indoor herbs            grow light garden

                             Red wrinkle lettuce seeds                                               Dwarf tomato seeds


               indoor garden light                  indoor plant growing system

                                 Large leaf basil seeds                                               Lemon mint seeds

Current solution: When selecting seedlings, pay attention to choosing small and healthy seedlings with short, strong plants. Only one plant is recommended to be removed for reseeding, and the remaining plants are clipped clean. (It’s best to replace the substrate for reseeding)

                indoor home garden                        indoor plant kit

                             Unhealthy seedlings                                                clean tweezers to remove

plants with lights

When removing, the side matrix can be clipped out, but the hole should not be too large


Indoor Hydroponic Plants Garden

The above is part of the situation you may meet when you use mini garden during the seedling stage. If you have a indoor hydroponic vegetable garden, please start growing some plants with the help of our tips!

 hydroponic plants

Post time: Nov-30-2021

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