MG409 house plant lighting desk lamp inside garden using garden kits for indoor plants

● Indoor house plant lights with functional controller to command timer model and brightness.

● Adjustment Height vary from 310mm to 695mm catering for plants of different height.

● Small led grow light with detachable lamp body, space and freight saving

● Decorative grow lights for indoor plants. DIY use.


Product Detail

J&C Minigarden MG409 is led grow lamps for indoor plants like herbs(Basil,MintThyme,etc),Flowers(Dianthus,Phlox.etc) and Succulents(Sedum,Cotyledon,etc).

It has functional controller to command timer model and brightness, which can cater to different needs for light based on different kinds of indoor plants.

Height vary from 310mm to 695mm, easy and convenient to adjust the light height.

Made from pc,metal and bamboo, easy installation and use. Also less shipping cost due to its compact design and detachable lamp body.

Product Name:MG409Lamp Size:6.3*6.3*12.2-27.4inches
Lumen:290lmColor temperature:3222K
PPFD1.9inches: 400 umol/m2s
3.9inches: 190 umol/m2s
7.9inches: 55 umol/m2s
Peak Wavelength Blue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra>79.5Power Supply:5VDC
Usage Area Living RoomofficeCertificateCE/RoHS/REACH
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House Plant Light Decorative

The optimized full spectrum can take good care of not only your house green plants, but also the flowers. From seed to harvest period, bring you pleasure and relaxing experience.
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Optimized High Efficient Spectrum

Optimized High Efficient Spectrum

Grow where you want, whenever you want
Functional Controller

Functional Controller

4 timer modes and 5 steps dimming, offering different light duration and light intensity
Vertical &Horizontal Rotation

Vertical &Horizontal Rotation

Provide all-round light for plants
Adjustment Height

Adjustment Height

Telescopic light arm can vary from 310mm-695mm
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Base

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Base

Environmental protection and recycle
Cute Minimal Design

Cute Minimal Design

A great solution for both house decoration and plants growth



High Efficient Real Grow Light

Uniform light with enough lighting time makes plants can get strong light to grow faster and more healthily. not only a cute decorative item.


Extendable Lamp Arm

The distance between light and plants should be kept 1-2 inch(3-5cm). the extendable lamp arm can help change the distance with the different growing period.


Timer &Brightness Setting

For different kinds of plants who are shade lover or who are sun lover, the light time and brightness can be controlled by the smart switch