MG304 Kitchen Herb Garden Indoor Greenhouse with Lights Hanging Lights with Plants

●  Metal Material Makes a Strong Frame, Indoor LED Grow Lights will not be Broken During the Delivery and Using.

●  Full Spectrum Provide a Most Comfortable Environment to The Plants.

●  Creation: You Can Use Several Hexagon Shape Grow Light Lamp to Joint Together As You Like.

● The Plant Light with hook, hanging lights with plants can as a Good Decoration in Your Home.


Product Detail

Special designed lamp chips are specifically used for indoor planting, different from the normal plant light, the full spectrum light shows neutral white, the color temperature is around 4000k, it can promote your plants grow better, more colorful, healthier, meanwhile let people feel comfortable, rather than you have to bear red light in your home.

Because of the Hexagon geometrical shape, you can joint it as you like, obtain more DIY funny from it. At the mean time, it is different from normal table top plant lamp, there is a hook behind, you can fix it on the wall with simple tools, a microlandschaft hanging in the wall of your living room, just like a wall painting to decorate your home.

With this lamp, you can grow 2 pcs pots plants, or you can directly grow micro landscape plants into the container. It is a cool item for growing and also a good decoration to your home/ office.

If you have any interest about it, please feel free to contact us.

Product NameMG304Lamp size21.6*5.5*14.6inches
Lumen936lmColor temperature4000k
PPFD3.9inches: 340 μmol/(m².s)
7.9inches: 155 μmol/(m².s)
11.8inches: 85 μmol/(m².s)
Peak WavelengthBlue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra≥95Power supplyAC220-240V
Usage AreaSeed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, OtherCertificatece, EMC, LVD, RoHS, Reach
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DIY Decoration

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Create a small word on the wall

Have you ever thought about creating a small word with plants by yourself? With this product, you can grow succulents/ carnivorous/ vine inside the container, hang the small word on the wall with the hook behind it.
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Recommended Plants

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Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum

The Light similar with sunlight, promote growth.
Black/ White.

Black/ White.

Two colors available, choose Black/ White as you like.
Grow all year round.

Grow all year round.

With plant light, you can grow all year round.
Placed/ Hung

Placed/ Hung

Special Designed Shape, Can Be Placed/ Hung.
Smart Timer

Smart Timer

16h on/ 8 h off automatic timer inside.
Durable Frame

Durable Frame

No need to install, use it as soon as you receive it.
Product Selling Points

Product Selling Points


The Light can be placed/ Hung.

There is a hook behind the frame, you can not only put it on the table, but also hang it on the wall, decorate your home with different ways of placing.


Full Spectrum, High Ra

The full spectrum light looks like the sunlight, Under this kind of light, your plants can get enough red/ blue light when they are flowering/ growing leaves. And your eyes will not feel uncomfortable.


Automatic timing function

The timer inside the light is 16h on/ 8h off, the function setting is based on many tests. Most of the plants can adapt this timer, they will have enough time to photosynthesize and rest under the circulation.