MG301 Indoor Pots, Indoor LED Grow Lights, LEDs Grow Indoor, Red and Blue Light for Plants

● Metal Material Makes a Strong Frame, Indoor LED Grow Lights will not be Broken During the Delivery and Using.

● Innovative Usage: Perfect for Micro Landscape Growing Indoor, create a mini word of plants indoor.

● Full Spectrum Provide a Most Comfortable Environment to the Plants.

● Industrial style Frame, which can well match the normal home style.


Product Detail

Full spectrum designed and timer inside it, makes it to be the best plant partner in your home, under your good care and the assistance of the plants grow lights, your plants will grow well, and you will have a scenery line in your home.

the body of this light is made of metal material. because of the material, it is strong and uneasy to be destroyed no matter in delivery or assembling.

The metal mini garden is designed with simple style, the fashion shape and can match your home style well, no matter where you put, such as home/ office/ garden center, it will be a good decoration and will become a shinning point.

And for the rectangle one, you can directly grow micro landscape plants into the container. Get a homemade mini garden will be a wonderful experience.

It is suitable for many kinds of plants growing, such as herbs, succulents, or micro landscape plants. You can grow with our metal mini garden in living room, kitchen.

If you have any interest about it, please feel free to contact us.

Product Name MG301 Lamp size 420*140*292mm
Wattage 14w Material mental
Lumen 930lm Color temperature 4000k
PPF *umol/s PAR
PPFD 10cm: 340 μmol/(m².s)
20cm: 155 μmol/(m².s)
30cm: 85 μmol/(m².s)
Peak Wavelength Blue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra ≥95 Power supply AC220-240V
Usage Area Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, Other Certificate ce, EMC, LVD, RoHS, Reach
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DIY Hanging

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Hanging a small word

There is a hook behind the frame, you can hang it on the wall with screw. The Strong frame makes it safety to be hung. You can put pots into it or create a microlandschaft with your family together. Enjoy the happy family time and enjoy the green life.
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Recommended Plants

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Simulate natural light

Simulate natural light

Full Spectrum and High CRI, try best to Simulate natural light
Black/ White

Black/ White

Two Colors you can choose, suit for different home style.
Planting all year

Planting all year

Solve the lighting problem, house plants can be grown even in winter.
Put/ Hang as you like

Put/ Hang as you like

You can put it in anywhere you want, and it also can be hung on the wall.
Timing Function

Timing Function

No need to take care of plants, the light will on/ off automatically.
Detachable/ Non-detachable

Detachable/ Non-detachable

Two version you can choose by yourselves, humanized service.



Put on the table/ hang on the wall

Wo have two versions of this products, you can put it on the tables as well as hang it on the wall.
This mini garden helps you create beautiful corner everywhere in you home, and give you a greener life.


Full Spectrum and High CRI

Red light and blue light as the promoter makes the plants colorful and healthy. And the full spectrum let the light eyes friendly, the soft light will not affect people’s daily life. You can have quiet life together with your plants.


Intelligent Timing Function

As long as you turn on the light, it will on/ off automatically, and always keep the cycle( 16h on/ 8h off ). The light can take good care of your house plants. In terms of light, you no need to pay much attention to the plants, but they will grow well.