MG207 home smart hydroponic system plants herb vegetable artificial Light

●SMART GARDENING easy to use smart control panel, simple click and then grow

●SELF-WATERING home hydroponic kit with intelligent pump working, roots well

●BIG WATER STORAGE up to 4.7L water tank home hydroponic kit, excellent home grow


Product Detail

MG207 is ideal hydroponic system for home gardening which makes you can grow all year round. Experience the benefits of having your own garden at home, no matter where you live. Grow 100% organic herbs, fruits, salads and flowers, free from GMOs and pesticides, fresher than any plants you’ll find in stores.

Even though this is artificial light, it has full spectrum light which is perfect promote plants growing. There are 3 kinds of spectrums available for choosing, meets all kinds of plants. Included in water pump, works every 30 minutes, increase water circulation and oxygen content, making plants root well. Healthy root is key point of successful growing. Considerate height adjustable design is suitable for different size plants from seeds to adult, no need transplant.

Product Name:MG207Lamp Size:16.1*8.3*(13.4-19.3) inches
Lumen:1700lmColor temperature:1280K/2900K/4000K
PPF:25umol/sPAR 5cm: 107 W/㎡10cm:78W/㎡15cm:54 W/㎡
PPFD2 inches :489μmol/(·s)3.9 inches:354μmol/(·s)5.9 inches:145μmol/(㎡·s)Peak WavelengthBlue:450nmRed: 650nm
Ra>95 when 4000KPower Supply:Adapter
Usage AreaKitchen, living room, dining roomCertificate:CE, RoHS, BSCI, ISO9001



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Fresher herb supply

A common problem for grocery store shoppers is that fruits and vegetables tend to lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within a week of being harvested. But with MG207, smart gardening control panel, simple operation and then get harvest. Indoor home hydroponic kit, fresher herb supply.
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Artificial Light For Plants
Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode

Click Vacation Mode and come back to a healthy and thriving garden.
Customized Timer

Customized Timer

Customized automatic timer, more flexible and humanized
Temperature,Humidity Reminder

Temperature,Humidity Reminder

High resolution screen show, monitor plants growing
Big Water Tank

Big Water Tank

Up to 4.7L hydroponic box, no need watering many times
Water Shortage Reminder

Water Shortage Reminder

Automatic water shortage reminder, smarter and more considerate
Smart Soil

Smart Soil

Smart soil with fertilizer included, easy and cleaning growing



Automatic pump

Water pump inside in hydroponic box, works every 30 minutes, increasing water circulation and oxygen content, making plants root well. No noise, easy growing, relax and enjoy.


3 Optimized Spectrum

Three kinds of spectrums are available for choosing. Choose the Spectrum for the plants that you plan to grow, for growing herbs & leafy plants, for growing flowers, for growing vegetables and fruits. Suitable spectrum maximizes plant growth.


Height adjustable

The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. Ensure your plant gets enough light. Funny DIY home hydroponic growing. Considerate height adjustable design is suitable for different size plants from seeds to adult, no need transplant.



If you have questions about how to grow plants with light, you could also check with our sales team.