MG101 Herb Garden Beginners Gardening Kit Growing System Indoor Gardeners Kitchen

● HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 20W full spectrum grow light kit

● HIGH EFFICIENCY Max PPFD 1153 umol/㎡/s growing system indoor

● GARDENER KITCHEN growing fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits all year around

● SPACIOUS TRAY BASEMENT holding 8pcs 3.6″ square plant pots or 3pcs nursery box at one time

● TUV CERTIFIED FRIENDLY MATERIALS extremely safe to use to grow vegetables and plants


Product Detail

J&C I Shape height adjustable smart indoor herb garden is made for those who have no enough space for indoor gardening but also want to grow fresh food without a green thumb. This indoor garden kit simplifies the process of planting, with the tray it comes with, you can easily put the seed starters, plant pots or hydroponic boxes you already have under the grow light to start growing. It’s quite easy to grow in any weather, and harvest more efficiently. Ideal for those who are busy or have no planting experience. No matter soil culture or hydroponics, this indoor garden can meet all of your needs, you can just pick the way you prefer to start your indoor gardening journey.

No outdoor area to speak of in an apartment? No time to take kids out to get closer to nature to get some plant knowledge? Can’t get fresh herb to make salad or tea whenever you want? Still looking for a gift for birthday or other holidays? Then this indoor garden can be a great solution for you, it will be nice to be placed in the kitchen, dinning room or any other indoor areas to enjoy the fun of indoor gardening.

Product Name:MG101Lamp Size:18.7*7.4*17.8inches
Lumen:1350lmColor temperature:3550K
PPF:25.8 umol/sPAR
PPFD1.9inches: 630 umol/m2s
3.9inches: 375 umol/m2s
7.9inches: 170 umol/m2s
Peak WavelengthBlue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra>80Power Supply:Adapter or AC230V
Usage AreaCountertop, Floor, CornerCertificate:CE/RoHS/REACH
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Cook Basil Sauce Baguettes

Basil ingredient has quite high nutritional value. The leaves of basil are pungent and warm, and have the effects of sterilization, invigorating the stomach, and helping digestion. So basil sauce also has certain medicinal properties!
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High PPFD Output

High PPFD Output

Max PPFD 1153 umol/㎡/s - the key for plant faster growth
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

As simple as possible installation taking only 3 steps
Big Tray Basement

Big Tray Basement

Big size tray offered, can hold 8pcs 3.6" square plant pots
TUV Certified Friendly Materials

TUV Certified Friendly Materials

Food grade material verified by TUV lab- no harmful substance
Smart Timer Included

Smart Timer Included

Automatic timer(16H on and 8H off) ensures plants getting enough time to do photosynthesis
Adjusting Height Easily

Adjusting Height Easily

Height adjustable light panel, height can be up to 47cm



Highly Efficient PPFD Value

Optimized full spectrum with high efficiency, Max PPFD 1153 umol/㎡/s – promoting plants fast growth, ensuring necessary energy for plants photosynthesis


Spacious Tray Basement

Big tray offered, holding 8pcs 3.6″ square plant pots or 3pcs nursery box at one time


RoHS and REACH Certified Friendly Materials

Environmentally Friendly Materials, extremely safe to use to grow vegetables and plants