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● Full spectrum and Smart Timer is Special Designed for the indoor grow lamp.

● Semi-enclosed Design Shows the Minimalist Decoration Style. As a ornamentation, well match all kinds of home style.

● Succulent will Have a Growing Kit in Bedroom/ Office/ Home. You will Have a Beautiful Corner in Your Home.

● C- Shape Design, Pots can be Put/ Take under the Desk Lamp Grow Light Easily.


Product Detail

For this diy indoor herb garden, the light is special designed- it is full spectrum

This kind of full spectrum light is similar with the sun light, it can promise your plants will have enough time and light to grow. For our full spectrum, it is consist of red light, blue light and green light. The Peak Wavelength of Blue light is 450nm, the Peak Wavelength of Red light is 650nm, This characteristic can promote your plants bloom and bear fruit to the greatest extent.

The body material of this mini garden is PVC, it is environment friendly material, and also be strong, sometimes there will be some accidents happen during the delivery, the strong lamp body can make it is uneasy to be broken, and when you receive it, you can use it to decorate your home/ mini garden.

For this shape mini garden light, it is Semi-enclosed construction, you can take out pots very easily, especially plants is high.

If you have any interest about it, please feel free to contact us.

Product Name PVC MG009 Lamp size 16.1*7.1*11.8inches
Wattage 14w Material PVC
Lumen 1000 lm Color temperature 4000k
PPF *umol/s PAR
PPFD 3.9inches: μmol/(m².s)
7.9inches: μmol/(m².s)
11.8inches: μmol/(m².s)
Peak Wavelength Blue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra ≥95 Power supply AC100-240V
Usage Area Desktop, FLOOR, Home
Countertop, Kitchen, Dining Room, Dorm Room, Living Room
Certificate ce, EMC, LVD, RoHS, Reach
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Avoid Succulent Spindling

Lacking sunlight may make the succulent face the problems of leggy. With J&C PVC MG009, the LED grow light is special designed for plants, it will help plants to grow healthier and more beautiful.
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Recommended Plants

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Compact Package

Compact Package

Small package, reduce the delivery cost.
Easy to install

Easy to install

No need tool, even children can do it by themself.
16h on,/8h off Cycle.

16h on,/8h off Cycle.

Timer inside the grow light, it will start the cycle 16h on, 8h off.
High CRI, simulated sunlight

High CRI, simulated sunlight

Make the plants looks more tender and juicy .
C-Shape Design

C-Shape Design

Fashion Design, and the C-shape makes it easy take/put the pots.
Suit for Succulents

Suit for Succulents

Supply enough light, protect succulents from spindling.



Full Spectrum- promote growth and protect eyes.

Special designed light clips, this kind of grow light is similar with sunlight, it can promote house plants grow better and create a warm atmosphere in your home.


Detachable lamp body

After designing for many times, we have the final package version. Try our best to save the delivery cost of average items, meanwhile give you a way to enjoy the funny of assembling.


Intelligent timer- 16h on/ 8h off

You can put it aside and save the bill of electric charge, as it can turn on/off automatically after you turn on the light. Also supply enough time for plants to grow and rest.

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If you have questions about how to grow plants with light, you could also check with our sales team.

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