MG004 Plant Lamp Home Miniature Garden growing Herb Lights Mini Herb Garden Indoor

● Full spectrum and Automatic Smart Timer, light promotes your plants’  growth in home garden better.

● Minimalist style can match your home style well.

● Easy installation and three size of this plant lamp.


Product Detail

J&C miniature garden with several shinning function points: Full spectrum can well balance the plants growth and daily life; intelligent timer can promise the plants will have enough time to photosynthesis and rest,meanwhile you no need to worry you forget turn off the light; detachable design is a good way to reduce the cost during the delivery.

With this plant lamp in your home, you can grow anything you like: Indoor grow garden is suitable for plants such as succulents, sweetgrass, mint, leavy vegetables, etc. You will get your own mini garden just in your home.

For mini herb garden indoor, as a decoartion must be a important point, minimalist decoration style of this mini herb garden kit , makes its usage more widely, can be a perfect decoration for kitchen, living room, bedroom, offices etc.

For this rectangle shape mini herb garden kit we have different sizes, small, medium, plus, providing different growing set for different plants. Also can suits for different distribution channel, such as Amazon, maybe the delivery cost will be most important considering point.

If you have any interest about it, please feel freeto contact us.

Product NamePVC MG004Lamp size16.5*5.5*11.4inches
Lumen930lmColor temperature4000k
PPFD3.9inches: 250 μmol/(m².s)
7.9inches: 105 μmol/(m².s)
11.8inches: 60 μmol/(m².s)
Peak WavelengthBlue:450nm
Red: 650nm
Ra>95Power supplyAC220-240V
Usage AreaSeed Starting, BLOOM, VEG, OtherCertificatece, EMC, LVD, RoHS, Reach
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Enjoy Succulent Coloring.

The succulent always face the problems of leggy. One of the reasons is lacking sunlight. With J&C PVC MG004, the special designed LED chips can prevent the succulent from excessive growth and it can make your baby plants colorful.
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Recommended Plants

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Detachable, compact

Detachable, compact

Special designed package, save your cost during the delivery.
Tenon and mortise

Tenon and mortise

No need tool, you can install it easily by hand.
Automatic timer

Automatic timer

Smart timer can supply enough time for plants growth automatically.
Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum

Special Designed light, most suitable for plants growth.
High CRI

High CRI

Simulated sunlight, help the plants looks more vibrant.
Lighten up succulent

Lighten up succulent

PVC-004 suit for succulent, it can supply enough light for it and avoid leggy.



Lighten up succulent

The succulent always face the problems of leggy. The PVC004 can supply enough light and help you to avoid this kind of situation. And sufficient light is a essential condition for succulent. Under the grow light, you can get a beautiful scenery.


Freehand installation

The detachable lamp body is easy installation, no need tools, even child can assemble it, it is a good way to bring more happiness to your family.


Full Spectrum and High CRI

Special designed full spectrum LED grow light promote the photosynthesis of plants, it can make them grow better and faster. High CRI makes the plants looks more vibrant than normal LED.