Hydroponic Growing Way for Indoor Garden

Due to nowadays lifestyle, many families have one or some small hydroponic system kit at home.

Here we will give a brief introduction of how to grow with hydroponic grow kit. There are a lot of different types hydroponic grow kits in the market. But most of them will use something like sponges. Almost like ours. So following is detail steps of how to grow with one of our hydroponic grow kit--- 24W I-Shape Smart LED Garden Lights Hydroponic Grow System Indoor Herb Kit.



Preparation:grow kit, some seeds, water, soaking containers, tweezers, labels, and pens

1.Assemble the grow kit

2.Soak sponge. Take out the sponge and soak.

Put the sponge (our products name smart soil) into clean water and soak for 3~5 minutes, until they are fully soaked and expanded.

3.Put smart soils into the planting baskets. Please note that the side with small holes face up, big holes face down

4.Poke the pores with tweezer. This step is in order to make the seeds easy to fix, not easy to move.

Note: Do not poke through the smart soil when pinching the pores with tweezer

5.Sowing seeds


  • Generally, sow 3 seeds when planting. Thyme, mint, green onion can be planted 5 pieces in each hole of the matrix
  • If the plant has not germinated for a long time, it is recommended to remove the seeds and re-sown (except for parsley and strawberry which takes 14 days to 21 days to germinate, if other plants can not germinate within 1 week, all can be removed for reseeding)

6.Take a little piece of soil to make sure the seeds will be covered and not easy to move. And write a label if necessary to record the name of the plant and the date of sowing

Note: small seeds should be covered with thin soil, just a little

7. Cover the nursery hood


  • When the environmental humidity is high, the nursery hood can be removed by spreading out 2 cotyledons of the seed
  • When the ambient temperature exceeds 25℃, the nursery cover can be omitted, but pay attention to whether it lacks water


8.Put it under the light and adjust the height of the light board. For our lamp, the suggested distance between the hood to light board is 3-5cm.


Other notes:

  • After the seed has expanded 2 cotyledons, no need much water
  • When the plant grows to 4-6 leaves, the plants need much water. Pls pay attention for watering.
  • If moss or mold grows on the smart soils, remove it


For hydroponic growing kit, you may also choose from our mini garden systems as follows:


If you wanna to be more clear, you can also watch short video via following link:

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