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If you have questions about cooperation detail, you could also check with our sales team.

What is the MOQ?

Different products have different MOQ from 500pcs to 1000pcs. We support our customers for small quantity for trial orders.

What kind of packing of product?

We have different packing solutions based on customer's requirements, neutral packing, color box packing or other e-commerce packing.

Can you do OEM service?

Yes, both OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Can you do our Logo or brand on your products?

Yes, we can do customer logo and brand.

Do you have BSCI?

Yes, we have BSCI.

Do you have ISO9001?

Yes, we have.

What is your delivery term?

We normally do FOB. But we also can do EXW, CIF, CFR, DDU, DDP…

What is your payment term?

● 30% deposit +70% against the copy of BL ● LC at sight

How long is the production lead time?

Normally we have lead time of 30-60days after deposit or LC confirmed and artworks confirmed.

Do you offer samples?

Yes. Sample cost depends on sample quantity.

For products

If you have questions about cooperation detail, you could also check with our sales team.

What is the ideal temperature for growing?

The ideal temperature is 65-76°F/ 16-24°C.

When to adjust the light panel of height adjustable edition indoor garden light?

Make the light panel at the lowest place of the light post when you start to germinate the seeds. And when the seedlings start growing and get taller, then keep the light panel 3-5cm above the plants to make sure they get the enough amount of light.

When to remove the domes of the hydroponic indoor garden?

Remove the transparent domes when the seedlings nearly touch the domes.

How many seeds shall I plant per pod in the smart soil?

The quantity of seeds depends on the size of the seeds and the germination rate of the seeds. If the seeds are big and high germination rate, then you can put only 1 or 2. If it's small and kind a low germination rate, then you should put 3-5 seeds. Please don’t forget to check the seed packet for information regarding temperature and days to germination. Make sure the packed date of the seeds is as new as it can be. If the seeds are old, they may not be able to be activated. After you get the seeds and use a few of them. It's better to keep seeds dry and cool. A temperature between 32° and 41°F is ideal, so your refrigerator can be a good place to store seeds.

Does your indoor garden light come with seeds?

No, our product doesn't come with seeds currently. So you need to purchase seeds from online or offline.

How long will the nutrients in the smart soils last?

The smart soils themselves are already integrated with nutrients. The nutrients inside will last 2-3 months, so before no more extra plant food required. But after 3 months, if you want to continue using the smart soils, you can purchase liquid fertilizer to add it into the water.

How much water shall I add into the hydroponic box when I plant from seeds?

When you plant from seeds, then add water level till the Min. water level, you don’t need to add water within the first 10 days as seeds don’t need much water at the beginning. When plants have more leaves and they will need more water, then add water below Max. water level but do not add too much water into the tank which exceeds the Max. water level mark on the indicator or lower than the Min. water level, both will hurt the plants’ growth. Keep water level between the Min. and Max. Mark (blue area) is always a good choice.

What are these space lids in hydroponic indoor garden for?

The spacer lids are used to cover the holes you don’t want to grow anything or expand the distance between pods. These covers are also for inhibiting algae growth.