Wonderful Solutions of Five Big Troubles When Start Kitchen Garden

There are many peoblems you may meet when you grow plants, eventhough you are growing under the indoor herb light, The following I will show you some wonderful solutions of five big trouble when start kitchen garden


Flowering period

Situation ① The flower buds do not differentiate, or the leaves only grow leaves but not blooming

Reason: The flower buds are not differentiated, which means that the plant is still in the vegetative growth period, or the temperature is too low to prevent the plant from differentiating flower buds (tomatoes cannot bloom when the growth environment is lower than 15 degrees Celsius). Only grow leaves without flowering may be due to too much nitrogen, which makes the plant focus on vegetative growth.


If the environmental conditions are suitable, you can wait patiently.

If it exceeds the time (for example, dwarf tomatoes and peacock grass will have flower buds in about 40 days), you can add some nutrition to make the plants bloom earlier, or reduce the light time to promote flower bud differentiation.

 led herb garden


Situation ② The flower buds differentiate but do not bloom

 mini herb garden kit

Reason: lack of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, or the plant has not yet reached the flowering period.

Solution: Under the adaptation of environmental conditions, it generally takes 35 to 40 days for dwarf tomatoes to bloom until the first inflorescence is planted. If the environment is not suitable, such as low temperature, it may take longer to bloom.

At this time, you can wait patiently. If it has not bloomed for more than 2 months, you can add some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to make the plants bloom earlier, or reduce the light time to promote flower bud differentiation.


Situation ③ After the flower buds are differentiated, the flowers turn yellow, and the flowers and fruits drop.

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Reason: lack of nutrition and insufficient temperature will cause flowers and fruits to fall.

Solution: Apply 2,4-D solution on the market to keep the fruit set rate. We do not recommend using it in the family. Generally, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are added, and the temperature should be kept between 18-28 °C.

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Results period

Case ① cracked fruit

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Reason: When the tomato is in fruit setting, the temperature difference between day and night is too large, or a lot of water is suddenly poured after the lack of water, which will cause the fruit that is about to ripen or the fruit that has already matured to crack. or calcium deficiency

Solution: Keep the temperature right, and keep the hydroponic box well-hydrated when the tomatoes are set. Tomatoes can be supplemented with tomato-specific fertilizers and calcium after flowering.

Situation ② deformed fruit

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Cause: Problems with plants during flowering, or caused by viral diseases

Solution: It can be removed, but your own deformed fruit will not cause problems in taste, but it will not look good, unless it is moldy or diseased and inedible.


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