What is Optical Metrology in Small Plant Light

There are all kinds of light in daily life, such as sunlight, Grow Lights For Houseplants. Today I will give you a brief introduction about what is Optical Metrology.


Colorimetry – CIE Chromaticity Diagram

The perception of color is due to the combined result of the three primary color light stimuli.

In the red, green, and blue primary color system, red. The green and blue stimuli are represented by R, G, and B, respectively, forming an RGB color model. Since the three primary colors of red, green and blue selected from the actual spectrum cannot be mixed with all the colors that exist in nature, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 1931 theoretically assumed three kinds of colors that do not exist in nature. The primary colors, namely the theoretical three primary colors XYZ, correspondingly form the CIE 1931 XYZ color space, which defines a color space model in a purely mathematical way, which covers all colors that the human eye can perceive, and does not depend on any specific color. physical realization. The XYZ tristimulus values are obtained by linear transformation of the RGB color space. The transformed space is the CIE XYZ color space, which is equivalent to using the XYZ base of the matching color instead of the RGB base to represent the color.

Although the XYZ tristimulus values define a three-dimensional color space representing all possible color perceptions, therepresentation of color in a two-dimensional plane is often sufficient for most applications. 

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Colorimetry – CIE Standard Colorimetric System

CIE standard colorimetric system is the system for determining the tristimulus values of any spectral power distribution using

the set of reference color stimuli X, Y, Z and the three CIE color-matching functions x(A).y(A) and z(N) adopted by the CE.The CIE 1931 standard colorimetric system is applicable to centrally viewed fields of angular subtense 2R(between about 1°

and about 4 ), and the ClE 1964 standard colorimetric system is applicable to centrally-viewed fields of angular subtense 10°(greater than about 4°).

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Colorimetry – CCT correlated color temperature

Colour temperature Tc: The absolute temperature of a Planckian radiator (blackbody radiator) whose radiation has the same chromaticityas that of a given stimulus.

Correlated colour temperature (CCT)Tcp: The absolute temperature of a Planckian radiator (blackbody radiator) having the chromatioitynearest the chromaticity associated with the given spectral distribution on a modified 1976 UCS diagram where u’, 2/3′ are thecoordinates of the Planckian locus and the test stimulus.

Normally, the color of various light sources is unlikely to be exactly the same as the color of a black body at a certain temperature, so the concept of “correlated color temperature” is introduced: when the light source is closest to the color radiated by the black body at a certain temperature (phase The black body temperature is called the correlated color temperature of the light source.

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Colorimetry – CCT correlated color temperature

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Colorimetry – CRl color rendering index

A measure of the degree to which the psychophysical color of an object illuminated by the test illuminant conformsto that of the same object illuminated by the reference illuminant, suitable allowance having been made for the state of chromatic adaptation.

The general color rendering index Ra represents the average of the first eight test color samples. Overall, 14 such test color samples that were defined by DIN 6169 and CIE13.2. are currently used. In order to perform the calculation, a black body radiator’s color temperature of up to 5000 K is used. For temperatures above 5000K,daylight e.g.D65 (D65 = 6500 K daylight) is used instead.

Colorimetry -CRl color rendering index

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