Thyme with Indoor Plant Growing Kit

Here is a tip for Thyme Introduction and how can you grow it with indoor plant growing kit,

Thyme, according to legend, is the stamen that bloomed after the tears of the stunningly beautiful Aphrodite Eros. Such beautiful herb thyme and her flowers come from the tears of Eros. It takes responsibility and courage to love her! Love her with beauty and happiness.

Thyme Flower

Mini leaves are mixed with rich aroma. In China, people call this plant “thyme”, which means that the fragrance of this plant can be smelled around a hundred miles away. Of course, this description is a bit exaggerated, but it is worthy of affirmation that his taste is indeed deeply attracted by people.

Some poets describe his taste as “a paradise at dawn”. To accompany roasting chicken? With cooking fish? This is just his most basic usage. In the sunny afternoon, in the breeze, you may be more willing to have a cup of thyme tea soup, and experience the tranquility and serenity she is accompanying you at this moment.

It is not difficult to have a pot of thyme at home, you can choose substrate culture or hydroponic cultivation. Keeping the ambient temperature between 20-28°C, thyme will grow faster and better.

1. Substrate Growing:

Prepare the diy indoor growing systems, thyme seeds and water:

①Put the substrate into the flowerpot and sow the thyme seeds (the seeds are small, so you don’t need to soak the seeds)

②Water after covering with soil.

③Put the flowerpot under the light and maintain a good temperature and humidity, and the thyme will gradually sprout.

④ During the later period of maintenance, water some fertilizers on thyme.

soil indoor plant growing system

2. Hydroponics Growing

Prepare indoor vertical hydroponic garden, thyme seeds and water:

①Assemble the special cultivation equipment for hydroponic thyme,

②Poke the seeded hole with tweezers after soaking the special substrate,

③Sow thyme seeds into small holes, and cover the seeds with some matrix fragments,

④ Cover the nursery hood and add water after seeing the thyme sprouts.

⑤ When the thyme growth is stable, you can add some liquid fertilizer to the thyme.

indoor vertical hydroponic garden

Pruning thyme allowed him to grow more leaves and branches. Pinch the top to make the side buds of thyme grow more luxuriantly.


When the scent bursts on the tip of the tongue, all the effort will be worthwhile, so go ahead and try it!

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