The Challenge Modern Decorative Plant Lights Faced

The Challenge Modern Decorative Plant Lights Faced

With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for living environment, quality of life and production quality. The design of modern lighting (such as Mini Led Grow Lights, Best Succulent Grow Lights) is also getting deeper and deeper.


Lighting design, also known as light environment design, is to use natural and artificial material conditions to improve human living environment, improve human life quality and production quality for the purpose of scientific management and planning of natural light and artificial light, Create a light environment that meets human material and spiritual needs.

A well-designed, comfortable and healthy light environment can improve work efficiency, improve mood and enhance well-being.


Lighting design is an industry where art, science and technology combine

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In addition to professional knowledge and literacy, it is necessary to combine various comprehensive capabilities to enhance comprehensive competitiveness

Innovative Thinking Ability: Get out of the shackles of traditional thinking, re-understand all the resources in front of you, and do various thinking and attempts. Synthesize old things that are not related to each other or have little connection to produce new things.

Insight:A- Activities, E- Environment, I- lnteraction, O- Objects, U- User

Visual Communication Skills: Use visual language to communicate using visual graphics and images to output ideas. Timeline, Mind Map, Fishbone Diagram, Flowchart, Matrix.

Empathy Ability: Multi-angle time and space thinking and analysis Multi-faceted customer needs thinking and analysis

Resource integration capability:

1. Divergent way of thinking: thinking in different directions starting from the goal, and exploring a variety of solutions

2. Convergence thinking mode: Aggregate various information to form the optimal solution.

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Puts humans in centerProviding modern lightingEnhance productivity in workWellbeing and healthy in living.Meeting people’s needs as the basic starting point and fundamental goal of lighting design.


Good quality lighting allows you to see what you need to see, quickly and easily, and does not cause visual discomfort, but does raise the human spirit.


Based on the researches about plants, we have all kinds of Floor Grow Lamp. When you use decorative grow lights for big plant( more than 1 meter) , this desk grow light head is rotatable, so you could rotate the lamp to above direction, no matter the plants high/ small, the light spreads evenly over the entire surface of the plant.

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