Some Fresh Ideas to Foyer Design

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A Place for Pause:

The foyer is also called the entryway, which is a transitional area connecting the outdoor and the indoor. Although the foyer is small, it is a necessary place for entering and leaving the house every day. At the same time, the foyer is the first area seen after entering the door, which will affect a person’s overall impression of the house, so it is extremely important. However, the current domestic commercial house designers generally do not pay enough attention to the entrance, especially for small apartments, often there is no relatively clear entrance area, or the entrance area is insufficient, which requires us to design a nice and comfortable looking entrance according to local conditions during decoration. The head picture using flower pots and other elements to create a relax feeling after you coming back home.

A Place for Transitions from Work to Home:

Our homes should be soft landings, places that welcome us with soothing surroundings. Nothing makes an impact on our ability to relax when we return home like our front entrance. There used to be an entire space dedicated to the act of leaving and arriving, called the foyer, but they’ve largely become extinct, but why? Those few moments after the door closes are key. Are we dripping wet from the rain? Carrying groceries? Helping kids kick off their shoes? Even more importantly, our foyers are where we make that all-important psychological switch between being a logical rational person from the office, to an emotional, energetic family member at the end of the workday. The foyer space should help ease that transition.

Even something as simple as some fun, creative tile on the floor, and a small shelf to drop our keys could make a huge difference, but that’s just the beginning. It’s important to remember that this space is also the first introduction to your home a guest might experience, and a first impression is just as important at home as it is out in the world. Is there a clever way to highlight your personality, a piece of art that’s meaningful, an accent wall with a color you love? It doesn’t take a lot, to make that first moment at home a memorable one.


Post time:Dec-20-2021
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