Mint Introduction with Indoor Growing System

Here is the tip for you to better understand mint and how use indoor growing system to get your own fresh mint.

It is vanilla and a good medicine for refreshing.

When you pick it, eat it, or use it to make tea or wine, there is a strong scent that can “swish” into your brain and let you share her fragrance. Mint-why does it have a charming and refreshing scent?

It turns out that mint contains mint oil, menthol, rosmarinic acid and other ingredients. It is these substances that constitute the unique aroma of peppermint.

Don’t underestimate these ingredients, they are very useful. For example, peppermint oil, it can cool and relieve itching, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and also relieve wind-heat.

Do you know what mint looks like? This inconspicuous green grass suddenly appeared in front of you, maybe you haven’t known her yet. Her varieties are diverse and there are many varieties, and the richness is comparable to that of the Ruta family.

Chocolate MintChocolate Mint


American MintAmerican Mint

Black Pepper MintBlack pepper mint

But in its humble face, there is another unknown story:

In Greek mythology, Hades fell in love with the beautiful elf Menthe, which caused the jealousy of Persephone, the wife of Hades. In order to make the Pluto forget Mansi, Persefani turned her into a small inconspicuous grass, growing on the side of the road and being trampled on. However, after the strong and kind-hearted Man Qian turned into a grass, it possessed a comfortable, cool and charming fragrance, the more tortured and trampled, the more intense it became. Although it has become a small grass, it is loved by more and more people. People call this kind of grass mint (Mentha).

  “It’s up to you to pick it, and I always keep my fragrance.” Peppermint is lovable, and it is a strong and vigorous plant. It grows extremely fast, cuttings can live if they meet water. The more you prune or pick her, the more buds and branches it will sprout and the more vigorous it will make you feel the vigor and vitality of life.


Having said that, do you also want to have her, and no longer let her be alone?

In fact, planting mint is very simple and easy to feed. You have two cultivation methods:

1. Seed sowing.

Prepare soil indoor plant growing system and soil culture substrate, mint seeds, water,

①Put the soil culture substrate into the flowerpot and sow the peppermint seeds

②Water after covering with soil.

③Put the flowerpot under the light and maintain a good temperature and humidity, and the mint will gradually sprout.

soil indoor plant growing system

2. Cuttings

Peppermint cuttings multiply and grow very quickly. Hydroponic peppermint branches can take root and sprout in one week, and a large piece can grow in one month, and it can maintain the excellent characteristics of the cutting varieties.

Prepare a pot of mint varieties you like, scissors (pruning branches), plastic film (moisturizing after cutting), water, and hydroponic kit

① Use scissors to cut off the strong mint branches, cut off the leaves at the bottom of the branches, and insert them into the hydroponic substrate.

②Add water to make enough water in the hydroponic box.

③ Cover the mint cuttings with plastic film.

④ Maintain a good temperature and humidity. Remove the plastic film when the mint grows many roots after a week.

hydroponic kit

Pruning mint is a very effective way to make mint grow more leaves and branches. Pinch the top to make the side buds of mint grow more luxuriantly.


Have you owned your mint?

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