How to get started with house plants? And keep them alive?

Research your growing conditions. I suggest downloading one of the light meter apps for your phone. Photone has a very accurate one. Use it to see how much usable light your windows provide for plants. It includes a daily light integral light meter so you can choose a plant that matches your light. For example, low light plants usually do well with a DLI of 5, medium light plants usually 6-10 and high light plants usually over 10.

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Now you can match that with a list of suitable plants by light. Most of the plants love lots of indirect light, eastern, western or northern windows would be perfect. Some plants can handle darker spots, but they need light to thrive and grow.

Next, consider humidity and temperature. Some plants need a lot of humidity and I scratch these off my list even though I run humidifiers in the winter.

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For watering- consider the soil. Almost every common houseplant needs fast draining soil. How often you water depends on the plant. But rule of thumb is to wait at least until the first 2 inches are dry when the plant is kept in a warm environment. In cooler conditions you want them to dry out a bit more- so 3 to 4 inches depending on the pot. Some need to be kept even drier and don’t need watering until the pot is mostly dry.

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Many plants don’t need your attention at all. That most of the plants need to be watered completely until water runs out of drainage holes and then watered next time when top 1/4-1/2 of the soil is dry. So not too often.

Start small and go slow, adding a new plant if the previous one thrives. If anything goes wrong you can just put it in your smoothie.

Keep them clean, don’t freeze them, keep away from super hot direct sunlight and freezing drafts.

The most suitable way for house plants to grow at home is to use artificial grow light, and for low light plants, medium light plants and high light plants, you could all check from our website:

Low Light Plants Grow Light:

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Medium Light Plants Grow Light:

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Hight Light Plants Grow Light:

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