Home Made Mojito LED Light for Growing Mint

Here we want to share with you the home made Mojito recipes, and to make this tasty beverage the important ingredient is to add mint, so we also like to show you LED light for growing mint steps.


Step 1: Soak the mint in cold water for at least an hour before making it for a better aroma release.

Step 2: Pick some mint leaves, just pick the bottom ones, and the top ones come out for decoration.

Step 3: This is the top leaf left.

Mint Top Leaf

Step 4: Cut off both ends of the lime and cut it into two parts.

Cutting off Lime

Step 5: Half of the lime do not move, and the other half of lime are divided into six equal parts. Squeeze the half of lime plus three small corners into the mint leaves.

Step 6: Pour over the syrup.

Step 7: Hit some crushed ice with a rolling pin.

Step 8: Pour crushed ice into a glass and top with three other lime wedges. Pour over sparkling water.

Adding Sparkling Water

LED Light For Growing Mint

1. Soil Growing:

Prepare soil indoor plant growing system and soil culture substrate, mint seeds, water,

①Put the soil culture substrate into the flowerpot and sow the peppermint seeds

②Water after covering with soil.

③Put the flowerpot under the light and maintain a good temperature and humidity, and the mint will gradually sprout.

soil indoor plant growing system

2. Hydroponic Growing:

Prepare a pot of mint varieties you like, scissors (pruning branches), plastic film (moisturizing after cutting), water, and hydroponic kit

① Use scissors to cut off the strong mint branches, cut off the leaves at the bottom of the branches, and insert them into the hydroponic substrate.

②Add water to make enough water in the hydroponic box.

③ Cover the mint cuttings with plastic film.

④ Maintain a good temperature and humidity. Remove the plastic film when the mint grows many roots after a week.

hydroponic kit

Pruning mint is a very effective way to make mint grow more leaves and branches. Pinch the top to make the side buds of mint grow more luxuriantly.

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