Have Fun with 4 Best Indoor Window Garden Plants

No matter you are an experienced plant expert or just a freshman to build a mini garden. You know the plants play a very important role in your home.


Plants can purify the air, liven up a space and “add just the right amount of intrigue” to a room.

Here we`d like to share with you 4 very best indoor plants.

 1. Monstera Deliciosa

This large plant must be on everyone’s home plant list for cleaning air. very simple to grow, anyone could be able to a plant parent!

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 2. Sansevieria Trifasciata

Also known as a Snake Plant and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. the leaves of this plant are firm and upright. Easy to care for with high adaptability. It is suitable for decorating study room, living room, and office.

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3. Philodendron Xanadu

This plant is sure to be on list of indoor foliage plant. its leaves are small and elegant with bird’s feathers appearance. The plants are lush and green in all-season

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4. Ficus Lyrata

Tall, sculptural, and dramatic. the plant has an erect stem and a violin shape, making it an ideal foliage plant in a hall as its high ornamental value.

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When bringing these indoor plants in a room, there is one thing to take into account.

How to care for them?

  • Timely watering
  • Pest control
  • Sufficient sunlight


Believe the first two are fine for you. But sufficient sunlight is beyond of your control. If your worry about your indoor plants lack of sunlight due to limited space or weather.  Our umbrella plus height adjustable Houseplant Grow Lightis your solution, your bestie to help you grow indoors no matter plants’ size is big or small.


This full spectrum high efficiency indoor plant stand with grow lightcan be perfectly compatible with the different flowerpot, which could stand in your home or office where watch the plants growth.

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Post time: Jun-27-2022

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