Four Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing Habits

This article wants to sort out some of the problems that you will encounter when growing indoor hydroponic plants; there are four types of hydroponic plants that you often encounter: leafy vegetables, herbs, fruits, floral
Before we discuss the problems encountered, we need to have a certain understanding of the similarities and differences of these four types of plants before we can have a deeper understanding of the problems they cause.
Similarities of Four types of plants:
1.From seed germination to seedling stage, seedling stage to flowering and fruiting stage, and finally decay and death.
2.These four types of plants are all hydroponic plants.
Differences of Four types of plants:
1.The edible parts of leafy vegetables and herbs are leaves of plants, the edible parts of fruits are fruits, and flowers are not edible and are only for ornamental purposes.
2.Under suitable environmental conditions, the harvest time of leafy vegetables is faster, about 30 to 45 days on average, and the harvest of fruit plants is slower, generally about 2 to 3 months. The first bud of flowers generally blooms in about 2 to 2.5 months.
Four types of plant pruning methods:
1.Leafy vegetables: just remove the old yellow leaves in the later stage.
leafy indoor hydroponic plants
When leafy vegetables grow to about 10-20 cm, the old leaves will wither when the leaves at the lower part of the plant are not exposed to light. Removing the old leaves will help the plants to avoid wasting nutrients and prevent the old leaves from becoming moldy and rotten.
2.Herbs: Trim the terminal shoots of the plant to promote lateral growth of the plant.
basil indoor hydroponic plants
3.Fruits: Tomato pruning parts are the lower lateral buds of leaves. Cut off the side buds to promote the upward growth of the plant and differentiate flower buds as soon as possible.
Tomatoes indoor hydroponic plants
Erase the side buds to promote early flowering, and later growth requires trimming the yellow leaves at the bottom.
Pepper pruning requires the plant to have 7~8 leaves. When the height is 10~15 cm, cut off 3~4 leaves even from the stem.
Pepper indoor hydroponic plants
4.Flowers: It can be pruned or not. After flower pruning, more branches can sprout, and the height of the plant can also be reduced. The specific pruning method is to cut off the head with the stem, which is similar to the pruning method of pepper.
1.Leafy vegetables: Under suitable conditions, taking lettuce as an example, it can be harvested and used as soon as 28 days. Harvest when ten plants fill the entire hydroponic box and are slightly crowded. Simply cut the plant from the rhizome when harvesting
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2.Herbs: In a suitable environment, taking basil as an example, you can start pruning after 5 or 6 leaves, and eat as you like.
3.Fruits: Under suitable conditions, taking dwarf tomato as an example, flower buds begin to differentiate and fruit set after 40 days. As soon as 70 days, the earliest flowering fruit turns red and evenly red is ripe.
Dwarf Tomatoes indoor hydroponic plants
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