Common Troubles Starter Garden Will Meet.

There are many peoblems you may meet when you grow plants, eventhough you are growing under the indoor herb light, The following I will show you some commom puzzles:


Yellow stains appear inside the hydroponic box

 indoor seed starting lights

Reason: Smart soil batches are different, and timely cleaning is found in about a week, and it will not affect the subsequent growth of plants.

Solution: Rinse gently with clean water to avoid damaging the roots of plants. /Don’t bother, the plant will absorb it by itself



Situation ②

Mould appears on the surface of the substrate

 seedling lightsmini bonsai garden

Reason: The smart soil with nutritious, the environment is humid, molds in the air multiply on the smart soil.

Solution: Pick out the molds, and spray carbendazim solution for prevention and treatment. If it is not removed in time, it will cause plants to be prone to bacterial or fungal diseases (as shown in the figure below).


Pepper Diseases

Especially like pepper seedlings that take a long time to grow, it is more likely to cause the substrate to grow moss and mold.


Situation ③Moss grows on the surface of the smart soil

top grow lights 

Reason: The environment is humid and there is light, which is in line with the growth environment of algae.

Solution: There is no effective solution for the time being. If the amount is small, ignore it, and pick out if the amount is large.


Situation ④Old leaves turn yellow

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Reason: The leaves of plants are relatively small in the early stage of growth. In the later stage, the new leaves will grow up to block the light of the old leaves, and the photosynthesis efficiency of the old leaves will decrease, so the plants themselves abandon the old leaves.

Solution: Use clean scissors to cut off the old yellow leaves.


Situation ⑤ Tomato adventitious roots

 seed growing kit

Reason: The stems of tomato plants will protrude adventitious roots during the growth process. When the environmental humidity is too high, the adventitious roots will grow faster and grow.

Solution: Cut off some of the congested blades at the bottom to improve ventilation.



Situation ⑥ Some in the same plate grow very large, and some are very small.

lights in plants 

Reason: The plant emerges slowly and grows slowly. When other plants grow up, they block the sun and steal nutrients, so they grow very slowly.

Solution: Move the plant to a place with strong sunlight, or ignore it (but it grows very slowly, the plant is short and will not die), or remove it (the space is conducive to the growth of other plants)


Situation ⑦ Evenly yellowing of new leaves of plants

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Reason: In addition to the yellowing of old leaves, there is a lack of nitrogen.

Solution: the substrate is not nutrient enough, you can add some fertilizers (nutrient solution or water-soluble fertilizer)



Situation ⑧ Streaks appear on plant leaves

desk lamp grow light 

Reason: lack of trace elements.

Solution: The smart soil is not nutrient enough, and some fertilizers (nutrient solution or water-soluble fertilizer) can be added separately.

Recommendations for existing products: Trace elements are very important for plant growth regulation. It is recommended to supplement some trace element fertilizers. For fruit and flower plants, the nutrients for later flowering and fruit setting are not enough. In addition to the substrate’s own fertilizer, we also need to increase the supply of liquid fertilizer and other fertilizers, which users can buy.


Situation ⑨ Tomato leaves curled up and thickened

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Reason: Plant virus disease (Tomatoes, peppers and other Solanaceae plants are the most harmful. It causes no flowering or fruit deformity after flowering, reducing production.)

Solution: It is recommended to abandon and eradicate plants for family planting, and to disinfect all the items that are grown. It is recommended to use disinfectant alcohol and potassium permanganate solution for disinfection. The main ways of transmission of the disease are insect transmission and human transmission. Therefore, you should also pay attention to whether there are aphids, pointed mosquitoes (small black flies), whiteflies and other sucking insects in your home. Once the diseased plants are found, timely measures should be taken to avoid infecting healthy plants due to man-made pruning.

 medium light plants  small plant grow light

                                  Whitefly                                                                                       aphid

 mini garden pots  hydroponic grow lights

                                Starscream                                                             Pointy-eyed Mosquito (Little Heifei)

Situation ⑩ Plants gradually grow gray mold and then die.

indoor planting system 

Reason: There are bacteria in the air, and some plants will be infected if they are not resistant to bacteria or fungi.

Solution: Spray thiophanate-methyl preparation solution or carbendazim solution for prevention and treatment in the early stage of infection, and it is recommended to remove and dispose of plants in the later stage (which are already overgrown with bacteria).

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