Common plant diseases and insect pests under indoor vegetable garden system

When we grow plants under indoor vegetable garden system, we will face various issues, and on this article, we will help to list the common plant diseases and help you to verify the reasons causing them and to solve these issues.

1. Mold:

Symptoms white mold

① Symptoms: white mold, a small part of mold is green.
② Reason: The ambient humidity is too high, and the substrate moisture is too high.
(1) Remove the mold, or throw away the moldy substrate.
(2) Appropriately reduce the humidity.
(3) Carbendazim solution for treatment, or regular spraying for prevention and control.
(4) more ventilation.

2. Virus disease:

① Symptoms: The plant manifests as leaf discoloration, leaf necrosis, leaf or pedicel deformity.
②Causes: Insect infection, seeds themselves carry viruses, man-made infection.
(1) Solanaceae plants are susceptible to disease, pay attention to observation.
(2) Check whether the temperature is too high > 30 ℃, and it is easy to be infected with viral diseases. If the temperature is too high, reduce the temperature appropriately.
(3) Spray antiviral agents.
(4) Treatment of diseased plants (the virus is contagious).
(5) Disinfection of the tools used. Tools such as scissors, flower pots, etc. that have come into contact with diseased plants

3. Freezing damage:

Basil Frostbite Spots

① Symptoms: Plants show discolored leaves or large spots.
②Cause: The ambient temperature of thermophilic plants is too low.
Raise up the temperature to above 18°C.

4. Common pests:

①Little Flying Black
③Red Spider
(1) Manual hunting.
(2) Yellow board booby-traps.
(3) Spray pesticides in proportion, such as imidacloprid. (pesticides are not recommended)

5. Moss:

①Condition: Dark green slippery moss grows on the substrate.
②Cause: The ambient humidity is too high, the substrate moisture is too high, and the water has nutrients.
(1) Remove the moss.
(2) Appropriately reduce the humidity.
(3) Proper watering. (do not water from the substrate surface)
(4) more ventilation.

6. Why does the leaf edge of my plant suddenly wilt and dry up?

Nutrient Concentration

Symptoms: The leaf margins of the plant are wilted and dry, like burnt.
Reason: ① Check whether the concentration of nutrient solution is too high when adding.
②After the nutrient solution is added, the plant absorbs water too quickly, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the aqueous solution.
(1) Take out the plant, rinse the roots of the plant gently with water, add enough water to the hydroponic box, and put the plant back.
(2) Add water in time after adding the nutrient solution.

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