Behaves of Plant Lights Optical Radiation

There are all kinds of light in your life, such as floor grow lamp, table top reading lamp, mood light… but do you know what is light? The following I will give you a brief introduction about the Behaves of optical radiation.

Transmission: The speed of light in vacuum was defined as being 299,792,458 m/s by Sl in 1983, and defined as one of the seven Sl defining constants in 2018 by the 26th CGPM. It is

generally rounded to300,000 kilometers (or 186,000 miles) per second.


Reflection: Reflection of light occurs when the light encounters a surface or other boundary that does not absorb the energy of the radiation and bounces the light away from the surface.

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Refraction: As light passes from one transparent substance or medium into another with boundary perpendicular, it will travel straight through with no change of direction. However, if the light impacts the boundary at any other angle, the change in light speed is accompanied by a light bending from its original direction.

Diffraction: Due to its wave aspect, light will be redirected as it passes by an opaque edge or through a small slit.

Absorption: Absorption occurs when a light beam passes through a transparent or translucent medium. The absorption of certain wavelengths of light in preference to others is called selective absorption.

Pigments: An object that absorbs some of the light reaching it and reflects the rest is called a pigment.


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