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I grow herbs in my home with some grow lights. This makes me have fresh herbs all year round. The basil flavor will increase my appetite.

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In summer, when the weather is getting hotter and my appetite has obviously decreased. Many things I used to love are also uninteresting. But in summer, lychees are in season. So today I make this lychee shrimp ball with own grow basil. It is paired with MUTTI's classic tomato sauce, sweet and sour, with fruits in the dish, fresh and refreshing, simple ingredients, and different tastes.



Fresh shrimp:500g

Lychee: 200g

MUTTI Classic Tomato Sauce: 45g

Sugar: 8 g

Light soy sauce: 6 g

Vinegar: 20g

Cooking wine: 4g

Salt: 1 g

Starch: 2 g

Minced garlic: 8 g

Basil leaves: several


How to cook Basil Lychee Shrimp Ball


1.Remove the head and shell of the fresh shrimp, and remove the shrimp line.

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2. Marinate shrimp with salt, starch and cooking wine for 10 minutes

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3. Peel the shell of the lychee, toss it in half and peel off the core

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4. Prepare the sauce: mix well of the tomato Sauce, light soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar

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5. Put a little oil in the country, add minced garlic and fry until fragrant, then add the sauce and heat on low heat until ropiness. And pour out in a bowl and prepare for using.


6. Heat a little more than usual in the pan, add in the shrimp and fry.

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7. Put in the lychee balls, turn the shrimp balls, mix well, not too long time but 10s is enough

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8. Add sauce, mix well, mix well is OK, not too long time.

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9. Add a few basil leaves to add flavor

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10. You're done.

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Very convenient to cook such a delicious dish. You can try. If you need home grow herbs, you can grow with our indoor herb garden kit. You can grow many herbs. And get fresh herbs in your home at anytime all year round.

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