11 Steps to Solve All Your Puzzles of smart growing system.

You may find it is not easy to start to use diy hydroponic system , the following steps can help you have a good start.

3.1 How to Install

1. Open the package, take the product out of the package.
2. Follow the steps in the manual to install
※If you do not want to plant 10 holes at a time, the spacer lid is used to cover the hole of the cover plate to prevent green algae from growing in the water
※The dome is used to create a greenhouse effect when the temperature is lower than 24°C and help seeds germinate. If the room temperature is higher than 24 degrees, it is not recommended to use a seedling cover. If it is used under high temperature and high humidity, it may cause poor seed development.
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3.2 Plant growing conditions

1. The smart soil already contains nutrients, which can be used for plant growth for 2-3 months
2. Plant needs to be carried out under suitable temperature (65-76 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity (50%-60%)
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3.3 How to choose seeds

When selecting seeds, we must pay attention to the production date, germination rate and particle size of the seeds, which are related to the number of seeds we are sowing.
For example basil- a popular hydroponic spice plant that is versatile and popular. Planting is simple, suitable for novice planting.
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3.4 How to sow

1. Basil seeds are medium in size and have a high germination rate, so we can choose to place 2-3 seeds in the small holes of the substrate. When picking seeds, you need to choose seeds that are full and undamaged.
2. When the temperature is lower than 24℃, we need to use the domes to create a greenhouse effect for the seeds and promote the germination of the seeds. However, when the temperature is greater than or equal to 24 °C, there is no need to use domes, because the temperature and humidity are too high, which will cause the seeds to develop poorly.
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3.5 How to add water at the beginning

1. After planting, we need to add water. At first, we only need to add about 1L of water to the Min water level in the hydroponic box, and only need to add water once within 12 days, because the seeds do not need too much water for germination. It can cause mold to grow on the surface of the substrate.
2. If the seeds are not well developed, we need to remove the bad seeds in time and replace them with new seeds.
3. For mold on the surface of the substrate, scrape the surface mold and spread cinnamon powder on the surface of the substrate to inhibit the growth of mold and moss.
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3.6 How to establish the initial optimal position of the panel

After adding water, we can adjust the light board to the lowest position of the metal rod to ensure that there is enough light after the seeds germinate.
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3.7 When to remove the nursery cover

1. After about the 7th day, when at least one seedling has 2 small leaves, remove the nursery cover.
2. For the healthy growth of plants in the later stage, we need to select seedlings after growing 2-3 seedlings in the substrate. For basil, we recommend keeping 1 of the healthiest and sturdier plants, while trimming the slender, unhealthy plants from the roots with scissors. The same goes for tomatoes and dwarf peppers.
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3.8 Subsequent addition of water

1. On the 15th day, when the plant has more than 4 leaves, add water to the Max water level.
2. In the later stage, when the water level is lower than the Min water level, the water needs to be replenished to the Max water level in time. And it is not recommended to change the water within a planting cycle

3.9 How to establish the best position of the light panel in the later stage

When the plant continues to grow taller and the distance from the light board is less than 1 inch, adjust the light board upward to keep the light board and the plant 1~2 inches, which is beneficial for the plant to obtain enough light.
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3.10 How to prune and collect

1. When the plant has 6 leaves, it can be pruned. The way of pruning is to remove the terminal buds and be careful not to bruise the side buds.
2. The trimmed leaves can be eaten. The best harvest for basil is around 4 weeks. Replant after 8 weeks.
3. The pruning method of basil plants can be applied to thyme, oregano, mint, purple basil, etc.”
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3.11 Plants suitable for the same operation method

The growth cycle of thyme, oregano, mint, and purple basil is similar and also applies to the method of growing basil.
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