About us

Who We Are
J&C is a leading provider of indoor gardening solutions, with over 20 years of experience in lighting solutions and 9 years in horticulture. Led by Professor Xu, a top national expert in photobiology, we're committed to promoting environmental sustainability and safer, home-grown food. Our focus is on nur-turing indoor plants to create a greener, more beautiful, and healthier indoor environment for now and the future.
Who We Serve

As a B-to-B supplier, we've proudly served 200+ OEM & ODM clients, including importers, wholesalers, brand owners, and retailers across various sales channels like indoor gardening, gifting, home decor, and more. Our ability to pass factory audits for 20+ top global brands reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.

How We Promote Client Businesses

Our primary focus is supporting our clients' business growth. We are committed to ensuring that our clients not only benefit from selling our products individually but also leverage them to enhance the sales of their existing related products, such as seeds, live plants, and more. We believe that as plants grow, so does user happiness, client businesses, and our own growth.

Why Choose
When you choose J&C, you're choosing innovation, quality, and reliability. Our strength lies in our verified products, supported by strong R&D and design expertise, underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement. You can enjoy competitive advantages through our mature supply chain and cutting-edge marketing materials. Trust in our certified quality, with safety certificates, an in-house test lab, and ISO9001 quality system certification. Benefit from advanced techniques that include 17+ years of lighting tech and agricultural expertise.


Pioneering New Technologies.


Highest Quality / Safety / Reliability.


Integrity and Commitments


Fostering Win-win Partnerships.

Our Mission
Plant Grow, We Grow!
J&C believes that as plants thrive, so does the happiness of our customers, thesuccess of our business, and our own growth. We are dedicated to continuous in-novation and development in the indoor gardening lighting field, providing our cli.ents with superior products and services to co-create a more vibrant and flour-ishing indoor greenery lifestyle.

Our Global Reach
Indoor Gardening Industry
Lighting Industry
Home Improvement Industry
Home Appliance
Hardware Industry
Gift Industry
J&C looks forward to partnering with you to cultivate a brighter future!

Our Advantages
Professional Certification

J&C has TÜV cooperated lab, we own series of certificates to ensure our products can enter different markets legally. Our products have been approved by UL,ETL,DLC,CE,GS,RoHS,ERP and so on.

Plant Grow, We Grow!
Illuminating Indoor Greenery Cultivating a Flourishing Future!